Winter Violets in the Summer 🌸🍃

At last… The bottom stockinette in violet is done and my first inspiration at colour knitting, after a decade+ of just Arans and Lace, is ready to wear♪

Knitted to Ferry Corsten’s Kyoto ♪ ♫ ♬ (recommended for monotonous knitting techniques)

Xo 😉

Of Blogging and Fair Play – Reciprocity or the Basics of Blogging Ethics

When you started your blog you must have expected to attract people of similar interests and hoped you’ll be able to share and exchange ideas, engage in conversations and find support among a multitude of fellow bloggers out there, regardless of the language barrier and/or geographical boundaries, or worse – regional discrimination.

In the beginning, when people started noticing you, “liking” or commenting on your posts, you probably felt equally curious about them and visited their blogs in return. And that’s the basics of blogging fair play – reciprocity.

A Perfect Example of Response & Reciprocity ❤️

For the last five years since I first started interacting with the blogging world, many things seem to have changed. And people.

Bloggers with one or no followers at all, or only a small number of readers used to be quite friendly and interactive, responding eagerly to comments left on their posts, gradually becoming pro-active and interactive on other people’s blogs as well.

Lately, I’ve been feeling as if there’s a tacit calculation of interest involved. And I mean in the minds of fellow bloggers who have advanced to a “higher level” of blogging, suddenly sort of found themselves engulfed by the attention they (seek and ) receive from hundreds of new followers. Perhaps way too many to “handle” with ease.

On the profit oriented global stage of today, blogging has become a lucrative activity and possibly many of us have felt it would be nice to put it to good use and hopefully be able to generate some kind of regular, albeit small in amount but income nevertheless, and this by using our hobbies as a marketing tool.

And that’s where the fair-play ends, precisely at the point where it should flourish, even if its main purpose were for the sake of self-promotion.

While reading comments on several blogs I’ve been following for a while now, I’ve noticed how people gradually change as time goes by. Some bloggers’ attitude has changed radically in relation to people who follow their blogs and comment on their posts.

To my mind, it feels very uncomfortable to see people’s enthusiastic comments completely ignored, without even a “like” and absolutely insulting not to respond but just take them for granted and leave them unnoticed.

Quite in contrast to these, there are three blogs that I always enjoy reading and participating in.

One of them is The Cricket Pages by the New Jersey based US author Rachel Mankowitz, as we seem to share a few similarities here and there, like perseverance and a general love of life, despite our in-adaptability issues, and of course, our love of Dogs.

Equally engaging and inspiring is Cats and Threads (Crochet by Kat) by a Polish biodiversity expert living in Dublin, Ireland. The things that have connected us here in the blogging sphere are many, from our Slavic ethnicity to the love of Nature and of course, the love of creating and sharing experiences and ideas related to our mutual hobby and passion – knitting and crochet.

Sari’s St George Knits (Never not Knitting) is a special blog on my reading list. I love the way she reports on her crafting skills and adventures in the extreme climatic conditions in Finland’s northernmost region in Lapland where she lives with her family. Lapland is something we usually associate with Father Christmas or Деда Мраз or Santa and his Flying Rеindeers, but yes, it is a real place, and such an amazing place too !

The reason I very much enjoy reading their blogs is because Sari, Kat and Rachel are three awesome ladies who, busy as they are privately and professionally, still manage to blog with respect and fair-play towards their readers, never leaving their commenters hanging on.

And that’s the basics of blogging ethics.

Summer Skies 🌤️ ☆゚*・。*

or in brief: Design-It-Yourself Cotton Top

Top down, minimum lace, my favourite colour. Punto.†

Just as I was going to finish my Inspiration Boho crochet top, the Japanese hook I was using broke in half at the very beginning of the 9th square (out of 10!). As I’m not easily discouraged I just shrugged off and found consolation in starting something new and fresh and summer-blue 🌊 ⛵

Three pretty little skeins of Katia Mississippi 3 were waiting for ages for the summer to come and my inspiration to reappear, after one of them had suffered a debacle at trying to work out a bottom up design I simply gave up on eventually just because I couldn’t find the focus in holding such thin needles at that given moment.

Well, my own creation is almost halfway there and I must admit I’m really thrilled at the thought !!

Up to this point , somewhere around the waistline, I’ve used up precisely 460m, that’s 2 x 50g, so it’s going to be less than three skeins and a really lightweight summer garment. I’m thinking about making the bottom edging in the same pattern as the neat fitting lace yoke. † ††† ††

For size M (corresponds to European 38/40) it took only 50 grams/230 metres for the yoke & underarm section
Leftover yarn from 3 x 50grams

It’s knitted in A shape top down, with gradual increases and I expect it to drape just a bit, the yarn being fingering weight cotton & acrylic blend, absolutely perfect for the summer. In my experience cotton alone feels a bit “suffocating” and really too heavy to wear in hot weather, if you’ve had a similar experience you know what I mean.

xOXo 💙

¿Solo ensalada? ¡Sí por favor! (Just salad? Yes, please!)

Awesome combinations, and typically ❤️ Mediterranean !!!

Thank you♪

Placeres del alma

Para algunas personas las ensaladas son la comida del caracol. Para mí es el arte de combinar en un plato todo lo que me gusta.

For some people salads are the snail’s food. For me it is the art of combining everything I like on a plate.

De atún y alcauciles (alcachofas)

Ingredientes: Lechuga, atún, corazones de alcauciles (alcachofas), alcaparras, aceitunas rellenas de pimiento rojo, queso ricota. Condimentar con aceite de oliva, sal y pimienta.

Tuna and artichokes 

Ingredients: Lettuce, tuna, hearts of artichokes, capers, olives stuffed with red bell, ricotta cheese. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Ensalada 2

De sardinas y palta (aguacate)

Ingredientes: Tomates, sardinas, palta (aguacate), hongos portobellos, alcaparras y queso ricotta. Condimentar con aceite de oliva, sal y pimienta.

Of sardines and avocado

Ingredients: Tomatoes, sardines, avocado, portobellos mushrooms, capers and ricotta cheese. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Ensalad 4.jpg

De calamares y palmitos

Ingredientes: Lechuga…

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Inspiration 🀧 Boho

My latest crochet WIP, cropped summer top:


I’m using Bergere de France DK cotton and a 2,5mm hook, still working on it:


With squares measuring nearly 25cm before blocking, it’s going to be less cropped than the picture that inspired it, especially as I intend to simplify the pattern by making two identical front and back 5-square panels without the mixed stitch oval neck section in front.

Or I might even try to make the last square into a V, with only three “petals” since I am a huge fan of V-line patterns 🤔 Any suggestions?

XoxO 😉