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Hippie-Chic Summer Dress♪

missoni dress

Great DIY idea for yarn-craft addicts and admirers of high fashion wearables who prefer to DIY rather than cash out unnecessarily on ready made pricey handmade fashion items. Or generally anyone of you thinking of selling handmade fashion, for both fun and profit combined♪ to create in your spare time.

This type of knit- /crochet-wear can also be made into the popular beach or hippie wedding dress, with white flowers of different sizes and shapes, which sell really well.

For basic crochet flower pattern ideas feel welcome to use the search section of the blog, there’s plenty of inspiration to browse through.

For knitters, I’d recommend Susie Johns 《Knitted Flowers – Twenty to make》or Lesley Stanfield’s《100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet》, two must have books in your craft library.

Featured pattern on which this Missoni flower riot model is based looks like thick yarn X cross over stitch over multiple rows of lace weight yarn, or even the simpler sl1 k1yo cross over, here worked in lighter to darker blends of blue.

The stitch looks equally pretty in both knitting and crochet, the main yarn being preferably a DK weight or chunkier cotton, at best or any yarn of similar texture which creates a clear stitch definition.

If you prefer open lace, any not too transparent lace stitch will also do, just let your skill and imagination take over 😊

The final result will be well worth your effort and time 👏

Cable ❤ Knitted Cozy

Don’t you love a nice evening when you just relax knitting mindlessly, perhaps watching a movie, totally without a plan or concept of what you are actually up to and suddenly realize you’ve made something new and pretty and nice to hold – from a tiny ball of scrap yarn that you had no idea what to do with? Well, this is it, my latest Fun Knit, Cable Hearts made with Love into a cute looking phone cozy:


The pattern used is the knitted cable heart stitch pattern, just google it, it’s easy to find, charts, video tutorials, written instructions and all.

I made five hearts on each side with garter + k1b edges, knitting in two opposite directions to one 30cm long rectangular piece, then sewed the sides together. The sewn up garter edges gave a nice compact feel to it so it can stretch without changing shape,  really practical as it suits any phone size.

It fastens with a small elastic knitted loop over a cute four-petal flower metal button:

RES (2).jpg

Looks neat and not too decorative, perhaps even minimalist in some aspect, with the metallic colour and a simple cable pattern.

Frankly, I didn’t need a phone cozy, I just wished to use up a small quantity of leftover yarn and perhaps conjure up something useful and small that knits up quickly.

At this point I’m even thinking about sewing a lining on the inside with a nice padding to make it a knitted eyeglass case eventually 💡😃  …