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Thank you for stopping by.  I’m a 40+ polyglot language instructor in love with nature and art and cute and beautiful things including knitting and crochet. 

I started this blog in a very stressful time not long after I lost my loving Dad to cancer, wishing to reach out of my pain by sharing all the pretty and interesting stuff that I’ve come across looking for inspiration. I had no idea at all what title to choose, so I named the blog after my maternal great-aunt Graziela Lea Schnirer, who was an Italian lady of good taste in fashion things in her own time.

The ideas and patterns on the blog are collected from various sources including international crafting magazines and crafting websites in languages other than English.

I hope you enjoy browsing through and am looking forward to any comments, questions or suggestions you may have.

 Updated: Nov 22, 2016


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Welcome to my Inspirational Ideas for DIY Fashion & Fun Projects Blog - a collection of pretty and interesting stuff about knitting and crochet. Please enjoy... and happy crafting !