Mum’s Chunky Gray Winter Hat & Shawl Set 👒

Here’s a glimpse of my mum’s (she’s 76) hot off the needles chunky gray shawl that she has just finished  knitting a couple of days before Christmas. Her vision has  become pretty blurred by diabetes lately and this one she knitted by touch. She used to be an avid book reader and has had a hard time accepting her new handicap, but she’s a fighter and despite all prefers to spend the day creating  beautiful things. 💕 The shawl was knitted in garter stitch using chunky acrylic on 8mm round needles from the bottom upwards.  I did the matching hat working from the rim, in plain stockinette, switching to moss stitch for the body of the hat. The finished shawl was only lightly wet-blocked, including the scalloped edging.

shalcic (7)

shalcic (6)


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