Amigurumi Fruit Cake Pattern

fruit basket

You’ll need: a 2mm hook for the fruit & 3mm hook for the body of the cake. Bulky yarn in the following colors: 20 g walnut brown; 10 g red; 10 g herb green; 10 g dark red; 10 g orange; 10 g milky white for the creamy cap; some  dark brown  for the kiwi seeds; some baby yellow for banana slices; some mohair milky white for the cream tufts.

Instructions: Using 3mm hook and walnut brown yarn form the magic ring for the base of the basket work 6 sc into the ring. Work in walnut brown for 8 rows, following the graph adding stitches in each row from the 2nd row. Continue for the body of the basket working 9 rows: 3 rows in walnut, alternating walnut and white in the  4th & 5th row. Continue in white from the 6th row for the cap. Add the fruit pieces to the milky white cap as follows: 2 slices of banana, 2 slices of orange, 2 slices of kiwi, make one strawberry in red and green and 3 dark red currants. Finish the cake with two tufts of cream:  one smaller – 18 chains, the other larger – 22 chains.

And here’s the graphs, with the basic parts marked bold in English:


currant base cream base & cap strawberry

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