Of Parrots, Coffee & Liebster Nomination

Last Friday, I got nominated for the Liebster award by the amazing Greek lady Connie @ Bohemien Art of Living, thank you Connie, you’re a darling ❤

At first I wasn’t sure what this is all about, so I googled a bit and apparently it’s an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers by colleague bloggers as a gesture of encouragement and appreciation.

The intention of the award is to discover new blogs and learn new things about new people. So, even if it involves a bit of extra unplanned work, I feel it’s a nice thing after all. You can choose to participate or just ignore, it’s up to you, no problem at all.

If you choose to take part in the nomination, here’s the award rules you should follow:

1.Display award logo on blog, thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the questions asked by that blogger.
3. Choose up to 10 blogs (with less than 200  followers) to nominate.
4. Ask a new set of 10 questions of your own to those bloggers.
5. Notify the bloggers you nominated about the nomination via comment on their blog..

Here’s my answers to Connie’s questions:

Why did you start your blog? – I wrote briefly about it in my introduction page. Basically, I imagined this blog as a sharing platform of creative ideas, a tiny drop in the Ocean of the beautiful little things in Life.

If failure were not an option what would you attempt to do? -Adapt to circumstance, the best way I can.

If you could live in any place of the world where would that be and why? -The parrot fan in me would head for Australia this instant. The nature there has always fascinated me – so many beautiful bird species in their natural habitat ! Absolutely amazing…

What is your greatest phobia and why? -Umm, lately,…it’s mostly running out of yarn during bind-off before the project is almost done. 😛

If money were not an issue what would be your next purchase? -A little place of my own looking at the sea.

If you had to leave in a hurry for a trip, what would be the “must have 3 items” to take with you?  -My favourite Instant Turkish coffee, uplifting music ♪ ♫, Deborah Rossetto  peachy-pink Mat 06 🙂

What is your dream job? -I can’t imagine my life without animals. As a child I used to admire veterinary doctors as the most amazing of people on Earth.

If you have a really bad day, what’s the thing that can brighten it up? -A walk in nature. The sight of a furry or feathered friend.

What’s your favorite cooking recipe and why? -Pizza al Tonno, anytime.

What would be the appropriate soundtrack for the movie of your life? -It must be an instrumental and involve nature, perhaps  The Flight of the Clouds

Now I’d like to nominate these 10 special people & their lovely blogs:

Sharon @ 

Minja @ lutanjablog


where (the cutest!!) dachshund garden @ triciandaisy

Maria @ PasoaPasoCrafts

Liset @ steilstudio

Di @ Crafty Di


2 pretty girls Erin and Sky

Resti @ westirajut

And ask them:

1. Which of your blog posts do you like best?
2. What makes you smile?
3. What is the remotest place you have ever traveled to?
4. What do you value most in people?
5. If you had the chance, which foreign language would you really love to learn?
6. Do you play chess?
7. If you had to choose between life in the city or in the countryside, which would it be?
8. The best  book you have ever read? Kindle or paper book?
9. Which is your favourite season of the year?
10. Could you spend a month without any technology?

Have a pleasant week everyone !





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