Crochet Rings Belt & Sandals

No plastic, just crochet rings from yarn (cotton, bamboo cotton or silk) and voilà:

plavo (1)

plavo (2)

Lovely summer set ♪ , isn’t it? And not too hard to make either, if you put some time and lots of love in the process.

In addition to yarn, you will need some beads for the belt. For sandals you can use ready punched sandal soles or cord soles with attached out-soles to make them street shoes or beach shoes. Alternatively, you can recycle your old sandals or flipflops by punching holes in the upper soles with a needle or for your first attempt at crochet footwear perhaps try working directly on seams of punched flipflop soles like this:


If you’re not sure where to start with the rings, take a look at the nice & clear Japanese crochet rings picture tutorial (click to enlarge):


And for perfectionists, there’s a really cool picture tutorial on how to make crochet sandals, see ( El Señor de los Ovillos )

Happy crafting ! ❤


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