Lace Shrug & Salsa Malanzana

I’m a knitter who learned to crochet only a couple of years ago. I love the way crochet complements knitting, so I often combine the two crafts in my creations.

agua (4)

This piece of knitwear I made was inspired by Knit and Crochet Shrug. I had two 50g balls of agua blue angora in my stash, but, after I calculated the yardage  I  realized I had  to improvize or to be more precise economize a bit with the lace part,  else I’d run out of yarn before I was done, so  I chose a less yarn-consuming edging made of simple flower-like clusters.

agua (1)

The shrug is basically a knitted rectangle which gets its form only after you’ve seamed up the ends and added crochet lace to the knitting. It is fairly easy to make and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours  altogether to finish. The knitting part is super easy – no increases, no decreases, just basic beginner-easy  knit-work.


Needle and hook size will depend on the yarn you will use. I knitted the shrug with 100g of DK angora using 8 mm needles and 4 mm hook for the edging.

Special crochet stitches used:

  1. 3dc cluster (or puff) stitch: insert hook in indicated stitch, draw up a loop [yo insert hook in the same st, draw up a loop], yo and draw through all the stitches on hook
  2. Triple Picot: make ch3 picot three times = *ch 3, work 1 sc in first ch*, repeat * 3 times, you’ll  have three picots on hook. Now  draw yarn through,  slst and there :  looks quite neat, just like a tiny flower, doesn’t it !

triple picotIf you want  to see how it’s done, here’s an easy to understand video tutorial

Here’s the pattern:

For the body of the shrug (mine is 65cm/25.5 ” wide and 35cm/14 ” long without the edging ) cast on loosely 85 stitches, or any number of stitches 65 cm wide or your preferred length.  I knit rather loosely, but you can adjust the width if you knit tighter or are going to use smaller needles.

Knit on RS, purl on WS until piece measures 35 cm/14 “, or your desired length, i.e. if you want it longer down your back. Bind off  ( l o o s e l y!) , fold the piece and seam up approximately 3cm/1.10 inch toward the inside leaving  29 cm/ 11.5 ”  wide opening for the arms.

Now you can proceed with the edging.  Note that crochet lace will look finer on knitted garments if you use a hook smaller than the size of the knitting needles.

lace pattern

Lace edging pattern (start at the seam line):

row 1: *ch 4, skip  4 st,  3dc cluster in next  st,  ch 5, 3dc cluster in same st, ch 4, skip 4 st, 5sc , repeat from * join with slst. You should now have the base for 14 motifs, seven along each line.

row 2: *skip one sc, 3 sc in next 3 sc, skip one sc,  ch 5, [3dc cluster in the chain,  ch 4] three times,  ch 5, repeat from *

row 3: # skip one sc, sc once in the middle sc, [ch 4 slst in third st in chain]  3 times, make triple picot in chain btw 2nd and 3rd  cluster below, ch 4, slst in  third chain twice, repeat from #

For those who prefer crochet charts, here’s the schematic version of the edging:

lace edging chart

Sleeve edging is worked separately, on the arm opening , 3 motifs around each arm. Start from the under arm part with

row 1: 3 sc, *ch 4, skip  4 st,  3dc cluster in next  st,  ch 5, 3dc cluster in same st, ch 4, skip 4 st, 5sc , repeat from * twice, ch 4, skip 4 st,  3dc cluster in next  st,  ch 5, 3dc cluster in same st, ch 4, skip 4 st, 3sc, join with sl st.

row 2: sc, skip 1st, *3 sc in next 3 sc, skip one sc,  ch 5, 3dc cluster in the chain,  ch 4* repeat 3 times, 2sc, repeat from * twice

row 3: sc, *ch 4 , slst in third st in chain, repeat *  3 times, make triple picot in chain btw 2nd and 3rd  cluster below, ch 4, slst in  third chain twice

Weave in loose ends and finito –  enjoy your new shrug !


While I was busy writing the pattern, mum made her Salsa Stew, a typically Mediterranean aubergine dish a la grandma Pave, her mum. It can be served as a side dish or main dish and I’m sure you’ll love it if you like eggplants (we call them balancane [bah lan tza neh] in her Ladino)  like I do. They’re excellent for your health, full of nutrients and vitamins and absolutely perfect for vegetarians.

salsa stew (2)

The essential ingredient is aubergines/eggplant, but please note that all other ingredients and the manner of preparation in itself are equally essential if you want to have a taste of the real Mediterranean, and by this I mean olive oil – you can’t substitute olive oil with any other, so you’ll need:

olive oil, aubergines, tomatoes, paprika (red and/or green), garlic cloves, parsley

Cut aubergines, tomato and paprika into chunky cubes. Important: do not peel the aubergines and do not squeeze out the juice!

First stir fry paprika only lightly on a small amount of olive oil, add aubergine cubes, let stir for a couple of minutes, add peeled tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste, cover the pot and leave to simmer at a low temperature. Thus all veggies will retain moisture and flavour, without overcooking, and the dish will retain it’s juiciness, as in the picture.

salsa stew (4)

When aubergines are almost tender,  add garlic cloves cut in halves.  Simmer on until the vegetables all look lightly glazed and  the aubergines are quite tender. Season with minced fresh parsley.

The dish is most delicious served cold, especially in the summer, but it can also be eaten while hot, either as a vegetarian side dish with pasta or rice,  or with steak/barbecue, for meat lovers.

Have a joyful week ahead everyone and happy crafting  🙂


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