Teddy 🐻 Bear Baby Slippers

My blog stats recently recorded visits from Russia with the search term туфельки пинетки детские (baby booties, slippers). I love animal motifs and I really love these.

with straps.jpeg

They’re both from a Chinese site and without pattern, so I’ve gathered several relevant charts and picture tutorials from my crochet library to help you through inspiration. Note that all pictures are clickable for a larger view, to print or save.


For baby size use a smaller hook, the pattern below says 3mm, but depending on the yarn you will use, I suppose you can use 2mm or even 1,5 mm hook alternatively for a newborn foot size of  about 9cm (3.5 inches).

meda 1.jpeg

The base chain of 12 in the middle of the sole chart indicates you work in the round from there, counterclockwise.


The chart below shows how to make bear face with muzzle, crocheted separately, then attached to the face.Use the ring method/magic loop, ch 4, 9 dc in the round and work from the chart:bear head & nose.pngYou can also make the Bear Smile, I mean the whole nose with mouth embroidered over the muzzle with a  tapestry needle.  Or you can simply sew a black bead in place of the nose, as in the original picture above.


Make two for each slipper, sew them on the face, and you’re done ! 👏


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