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Mandarin Chinese is one of the languages I read, write and used to speak actively and quite fluently only a few years back. I don’t use it as often as I did in speech any more, but I find it more than useful on the web. One of the things you can do with passive Chinese if you’re a crafter is read and explore blogs.

So, I came across this pretty gray shawl + oversized sweater combo by a Chinese artist with motif graphs and step by step picture tutorial on ( kuaile bianzhi 快乐编织 = happy knitting/crochet ) a site dedicated to needle craft. It’s worth checking out if you’re a visual learner even if you don’t read Chinese, there’s lots of knit/crochet stuff to browse through.

For the shawl, you will need a 2.2 mm hook (钩针)  and around 150 grams (3 两多) of 2ply lace cashmere. The picture tutorial with schematics on the link above is given for each of the three motifs, without any instruction on motif joining so I’m adding  those below for inspiration.


No edging chart either, so here’s the approximate graph for the perfect finish:

fan edging.jpg


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