🐾 Paw·liday Sock

There’s a little less than two weeks left from today until Orthodox Christmas Day on January 7th, which is celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Russian, Serbian, Greek and other Eastern Orthodox Churches in the world, including the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy and the Orthodox Church of Japan.

There’s a fairly well written and quite interesting short article by telegraph.co.uk and last years festivities report with *pictures  by IBT, (*incl. Belgrade Orthodox Christmas Eve), where you can read some more about these traditions.

For those of you who are still (or non-stop!) busy knitting, here’s an adorable last minute gift idea by Schachenmayr with free pattern in English.



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2 thoughts on “🐾 Paw·liday Sock”

  1. When I first moved in with my boyfriend (Greek Orthodox, from Athens), I was quite excited that we’d have a reason to celebrate Christmas twice 😉 But no, he told me that the official date of Christmas in the Greek Orthodox Church is 25th December, only some minority groups still following the Julian calendar in their church in Greece celebrate in January. Which is a pity, because well, never too much Christmas 😉
    Love the sock and a thoughtful doggie gift in it!


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