Texture & Lace Sweater

Cotton or viscose geometric lace sweater, suitable to wear all year round from spring to autumn. Equally great for mild Mediterranean winters 🌦☔️ and warmer climates🌞.06.jpgKnitting instructions in brief: with 5mm needles cast on 83 sts (size S/38) or 88 sts (size M/40) for back and front set up rows, 49 sts for the sleeves. Work according to charts below (click to enlarge in a separate window).

Note: Back is worked identically except for rows 115 – 117 which should be knit all the way through the remaining 43/41 sts, i.e. without eliminating the central stitches for the neck shaping.

Enjoy !


Source: Сабрина №6, Юни 2016 (Sabrina Knitting Magazine, Russian edition)


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