Hippie Puppy ;-)

kaputic.jpgBoho Style Dog Coat ❤ , found on Russian blogs


Spring Coloured Easy Crochet Squares Poncho

poncho (2)

(Original size: 1231 x 1600)

Easy squares picture tutorial for beginners by Елена Мельникова (Elena Melnyikova)

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Pink & Easy Infinity Loop Scarf

One can never have too many winter scarves in bright radiating colours like this pink when temperature drops below zero for days and weeks now 😕

Crochet addicts will surely remember the Amazing Crochet Ribbed Scarf from two years ago. Personally, I prefer knitting to crochet when it comes to winter scarves as they use up about three times more yarn compared to knitting.

For the knitted version I chose the k3 p1 mock rib, a quick and simple stitch. If you’re a fast knitter, you can conjure up a cozy scarf in an afternoon while watching TV. 🙂

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Men’s Boho Triangle Scarf

crochet for men.jpg

(884 x 1098)

Interesting and fairly easy Japanese scarf pattern: using 3mm hook, chain 411 for base row, continue by decreasing 2 x 6 stitches in each row, as indicated in the graph, until last 3 stitches are left, bind off. You should have a scarf approx. 152 cm wide, 47 cm long. To finish, add fringes and voila ~ Continue reading Men’s Boho Triangle Scarf

Easy Summer Shawl

jun2 (14)

I’ve just finished making this shawl for cool summer evenings, using a 5mm hook on double strand acrylic Nachtblau / Midnight Blue.

Simple side increases make for quick progress – I was really happy to see how it kept “growing” and overjoyed to have finished it sooner than I had planned. The pattern was quite easy to memorize quickly, and the rest was only smooth crocheting.

Here’s the free Drops Pattern in English.

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Oversize Lace Tunic

83 sts

With 5mm hook and fingering cotton yarn chain 83. Work in lace stitch according to chart until the piece measures approx. 43 cm. Chain 24 stitches for each sleeve and continue in pattern for the next 5cm. At 48cm bind off the desired width of central stitches for the neck opening and finish each side separately at 66cm height. Back is worked identically, but with a smaller opening.