Kids Room Pen Holders

Three lovely DIY gift ideas to knit and crochet for school kids:

  1. *Wall-hanging Parrot pen-holder
  2. *Half garter stitch half crochet Giraffe desk pen-holder *both from the Russian web
  3. Dachshund pen case, from Simply Knitting July 2012 Simply Fab For Kids Supplement
  4. MORE IDEAS: 🐷 🐸 🐼

Hippie Winter Knits: Sweater 🌼 🌸

Two hippie winter season sweater designs with a touch of ethno, from Japanese knitting magazines archives. A combination of jacquard with embroidery by

RichMore (1145 x 1200)


Knitted sweater with crocheted floral inset from

Amu アムウ( 839 x 1200)

ab (1)

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Amazing: Amigurumi Budgies !

I like most amigurumi but somehow I’m not really a fan when it comes to budgies and parakeets in general, because to me they’re much more than just birds – I prefer to think of them as of Cute Little Feathered People 🎶  So… I’ve always felt rather averse to most budgie amigurumis, but this artist, whoever he/she is got them (almost quite) right – and in knitting too! ❤ ’em !