Boho Round Tunic

bohosummer (3).jpg

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Hippie Summer Tunic

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DIY-ers say the end of winter is just the right time to plan and start working on new summer projects.

Well, this boho style shirt or tunic with crochet flowers insert (and, of course, fringes) is a really cute piece of crochet wear which I’m sure many of us would love to add to our summer wardrobe (I know I would ) 🙂

As far as I can tell, the tunic looks a combination of filet mesh + textured crochet, appears quite light and airy and doesn’t seem to use much cotton yarn. There’s no pattern, only these few graphic tutorials from the Russian magazine Журнал Мод, which look quite similar and nice to combine and  improvise with. Crochet experts, please enjoy ! Continue reading Hippie Summer Tunic

Boho ❀ Shawl

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Mandarin Chinese is one of the languages I read, write and used to speak actively and quite fluently only a few years back. I don’t use it as often as I did in speech any more, but I find it more than useful on the web. One of the things you can do with passive Chinese if you’re a crafter is read and explore blogs.

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Hippie Winter Knits: Sweater 🌼 🌸

Two hippie winter season sweater designs with a touch of ethno, from Japanese knitting magazines archives. A combination of jacquard with embroidery by

RichMore (1145 x 1200)


Knitted sweater with crocheted floral inset from

Amu アムウ( 839 x 1200)

ab (1)

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Men’s Boho Triangle Scarf

crochet for men.jpg

(884 x 1098)

Interesting and fairly easy Japanese scarf pattern: using 3mm hook, chain 411 for base row, continue by decreasing 2 x 6 stitches in each row, as indicated in the graph, until last 3 stitches are left, bind off. You should have a scarf approx. 152 cm wide, 47 cm long. To finish, add fringes and voila ~ Continue reading Men’s Boho Triangle Scarf