Kids Room Toy Cushions

As you can see from my previous posts, I love animal motif cushions. This time a dog and a cat have decided to join the fun, being jealous of the cute cushion menagerie 🙃

For crocheters here’s the really sweet dog toy cushion free pattern by Sue Penrod


and here’s his pal Полоскин (Poloskin) the striped knit-cat 🙂


complete with picture tutorial by Елена Максудова  (Elena Maxudova aka Aneliya), which I came across via Russian blogs.

Crafty parents, please enjoy !

Texture & Lace Sweater

Cotton or viscose geometric lace sweater, suitable to wear all year round from spring to autumn. Equally great for mild Mediterranean winters 🌦☔️ and warmer climates🌞.06.jpgKnitting instructions in brief: with 5mm needles cast on 83 sts (size S/38) or 88 sts (size M/40) for back and front set up rows, 49 sts for the sleeves. Work according to charts below (click to enlarge in a separate window).

Note: Back is worked identically except for rows 115 – 117 which should be knit all the way through the remaining 43/41 sts, i.e. without eliminating the central stitches for the neck shaping.

Enjoy !

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Pink & Easy Infinity Loop Scarf

One can never have too many winter scarves in bright radiating colours like this pink when temperature drops below zero for days and weeks now 😕

Crochet addicts will surely remember the Amazing Crochet Ribbed Scarf from two years ago. Personally, I prefer knitting to crochet when it comes to winter scarves as they use up about three times more yarn compared to knitting.

For the knitted version I chose the k3 p1 mock rib, a quick and simple stitch. If you’re a fast knitter, you can conjure up a cozy scarf in an afternoon while watching TV. 🙂

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Happy Winter 🎁 Holidays !

Happy Holidays !

Those of you who have been with me a bit longer may have noticed I’m an ambivert, somewhere half way between an extrovert and an introvert. 😉 I speak out directly whenever I like something and although I haven’t spoken much on the blog, I’d like to thank you all for your time and attention, it means a lot to me.

I must also add a very special thank you and welcome to all  pet owners and animal lovers who have graced my page with their lovely avatars.

I started this blog two years ago as a sort of distraction, a mere collection of ideas and projects gathered in one place to be used some time in the future, as I presumed, primarily by myself.

Hitherto I had used internet mostly for correspondence during my travels. I knew very little about blogging and just kept posting stuff automatically. For a long time after I lost Dad to cancer, I was really depressed and never visited other blogs.

After a while, it came as a mild shock to see people reading and liking the stuff I posted. Then came follows, and comments, and after nearly two years even a Liebster nomination from Greece …

So I kept posting and today I can say it’s such a great joy to see all of you lovely people visiting. I’ve learnt from you to enjoy discovering new blogs and if I haven’t yet visited you or returned a visit, I promise to do so as soon as time allows.

Traditionally, my family celebrate Christmas twice, and long ago a distant part of my family also celebrated Hanukkah.

So, Merry 🎄 Christmas, Happy Hanukkah 🕎 and a Brilliant New Year to all my dear blog friends and readers worldwide, keep up the good blogging !

Love & Big Hugs 🤗

🐾 Paw·liday Sock

There’s a little less than two weeks left from today until Orthodox Christmas Day on January 7th, which is celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Russian, Serbian, Greek and other Eastern Orthodox Churches in the world, including the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy and the Orthodox Church of Japan.

There’s a fairly well written and quite interesting short article by and last years festivities report with *pictures  by IBT, (*incl. Belgrade Orthodox Christmas Eve), where you can read some more about these traditions.

For those of you who are still (or non-stop!) busy knitting, here’s an adorable last minute gift idea by Schachenmayr with free pattern in English.