Crochet Lace Bell Sleeves

The bell sleeve edging on the picture shows machine-made lace, with dainty leaves and flowers in different sizes, but the challenge of DIY is just too strong to resist…

If you’re like me and love the idea of creating your own unique wearables, why not give it a try? All it takes is lots of love, a little patience, crochet thread as thin as you can manage to work with and a 1.75 to 2mm size hook.

an idea

Another great idea: simple open lace stitch and lace fan trim combination:


In addition to the graphic patterns on the pictures, here’s two similar stitch ideas that I have in mind:

0233f2a6952a8d52212b22f2cdcb3ee4.jpgOficina do Barrado has some excellent picture tutorials to improvise with, see: floral edging 1 & floral edging 2

For floral sleeves on the first picture, I’m thinking of designing my own variation of  the lace, and I mean joining the flowers as separate motifs then somehow fitting in those tiny crochet leaves as well…

Promise to post some pictures as soon as I get down to it, WIPs and all. And, hopefully, also of the finished blouses all neat and pretty !

Summer DIY fun has just begun…







Chevron Lace Dress ♪

white chevron.jpg

An ideal summer project for lace crochet addicts ~ Elegant & Boho ♪ No fancy stitches, just the basics: chains,  rings, a few dcs and finally lots of triples with rhythmic increases, with approximate graphic pattern for inspiration. Please enjoy !

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Hippie Summer Tunic

boho crochet (1).jpg

DIY-ers say the end of winter is just the right time to plan and start working on new summer projects.

Well, this boho style shirt or tunic with crochet flowers insert (and, of course, fringes) is a really cute piece of crochet wear which I’m sure many of us would love to add to our summer wardrobe (I know I would ) 🙂

As far as I can tell, the tunic looks a combination of filet mesh + textured crochet, appears quite light and airy and doesn’t seem to use much cotton yarn. There’s no pattern, only these few graphic tutorials from the Russian magazine Журнал Мод, which look quite similar and nice to combine and  improvise with. Crochet experts, please enjoy ! Continue reading Hippie Summer Tunic

Texture & Lace Sweater

Cotton or viscose geometric lace sweater, suitable to wear all year round from spring to autumn. Equally great for mild Mediterranean winters 🌦☔️ and warmer climates🌞.06.jpgKnitting instructions in brief: with 5mm needles cast on 83 sts (size S/38) or 88 sts (size M/40) for back and front set up rows, 49 sts for the sleeves. Work according to charts below (click to enlarge in a separate window).

Note: Back is worked identically except for rows 115 – 117 which should be knit all the way through the remaining 43/41 sts, i.e. without eliminating the central stitches for the neck shaping.

Enjoy !

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Boho ❀ Shawl

gray shawl (2).jpg

Mandarin Chinese is one of the languages I read, write and used to speak actively and quite fluently only a few years back. I don’t use it as often as I did in speech any more, but I find it more than useful on the web. One of the things you can do with passive Chinese if you’re a crafter is read and explore blogs.

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