Pink & Easy Infinity Loop Scarf

One can never have too many winter scarves in bright radiating colours like this pink when temperature drops below zero for days and weeks now 😕

Crochet addicts will surely remember the Amazing Crochet Ribbed Scarf from two years ago. Personally, I prefer knitting to crochet when it comes to winter scarves as they use up about three times more yarn compared to knitting.

For the knitted version I chose the k3 p1 mock rib, a quick and simple stitch. If you’re a fast knitter, you can conjure up a cozy scarf in an afternoon while watching TV. 🙂

With 7mm bamboo circular needle and two strands of DK acrylic I cast on 33 stitches incl. 2 selvage stitches for a neat edging and came up with a chunky reversible scarf 22 (to 30) cm wide and 150cm long .


It stretches width-wise quite a bit and drapes beautifully and can be wrapped around the neck twice and feels super comfy and warm.

232 (1).jpg

K3 P1 mock rib stitch close up:


Pattern instructions:

With 7mm needle cast on 27/31 stitches (try using two needles cast on if you’re a tight knitter!)  Depending on the yarn, you can use an even larger size needles and, of course, cast on any odd number of stitches you like to  make the scarf in your preferred length and width.

Row 1 (WS):, *p1 k3*, end with p1 k1 (

Row 2 (RS): selv. st k2 p1 *k3 p1*, end with k3 (incl.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the scarf is as long as you meant it to be. Please note that your knitting should not be too tight. If you have this problem try interchanging smaller and larger needles in RS/WS row turns.

The transformation from basic scarf to a chic infinity loop is done by joining scarf ends.

There are two easy methods to join scarf ends seamlessly: either by grafting  or sewing live stitches onto the cast on edge or using the mattress stitch. There are a number of video tutorials on this you can look up and if you’re precise, the seam should be almost invisible (or hardly noticeable).

Wishing you much Joy & Fun during the ❄Holidays and

Happy knitting ! 😊


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